High School Students

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Do the College Thing Correctly!

Talk to your parents, a school counselor, or write to us regarding your plans after high school.Has a certain career or profession always interested you? There are numerous internships available for just about every career choice. Depending on your age, you can formally apply for internships or just call a company or professional office in your area- and tell them about yourself!

You will make a great impression by taking initiative.

In selecting a school, you should consider many factors, not only the degree programs offered. Many schools offer similar degrees, but have a different “campus life.” Listen to your parents, if they recommend a smaller school over a larger one, it could be because sometimes students who attend smaller campuses enjoy specially tailored opportunities and access to faculty, which can lead to higher graduation rates. Conversely, large campuses usually have more daily activities, nationally and world renowned histories, and upon graduating, have vast alumni associations to join.