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RE: Postage Stamp Recognizing Historically Black Colleges and Universities

U.S. history is a fascinating subject, one of confusion and struggles, determination and triumph. As an American who has studied my history and the histories of other nations, I can’t think of a more fascinating success story than that of the Historically Black Colleges and universities of the United States. Having very humble beginnings, freed black slaves had to face severe oppression, scarce financial resources and negligible guidance in their new responsibility to provide education for themselves. They overcame these obstacles. What makes this a truly exceptional success story? A total of 105 of these schools are still educating students today!

However, if a poll was conducted today, most Americans would not know what the acronym HBCU represents. The history of these schools are very much a national, even an international achievement, one to be discussed, highlighted and referenced. Likewise, the lack of awareness, and media exposure for these institutions, is a tremendous disservice to all.

A U.S. Postage stamp series will give credible, national, ongoing exposure to this very unique group of American schools. The stamp themes could be educational and entertaining by recognizing notable alumni, faculty and HBCU events.

Our nation should do more to promote and recognize HBCU’s. These fantastic institutions posses rich culture and tradition that could only have been born of struggle and triumph. A country’s history is something the people can either live by or learn from, equally, Americans should have more basic exposure to Historically Black Colleges and Universities.

There is so much more to add on behalf the schools. They have earned all the recognition and affection bestowed upon them.
An official postage stamp would be the perfect way to accomplish all the points in this letter.


Jennipher Y. Adkins,

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Contact Name: Jennipher Adkins

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