About Us

Everyone on the team here at ForeverHBCU.com is personally connected to black schools in some way. The human input for this web site is not just to produce another entertainment center but to create awareness, recognition and financial strength for the schools and the people.

ForeverHBCU.com, operated as a non-profit organization, is a robust, dynamically linked, E-commerce website that will offer two shopping malls. The HBCU Mall will offer 200+ various products for purchase including the ability to place an HBCU or custom logo on certain items. Customers will have the option during every purchase to choose which HBCU they want to receive 5 % of their order

The All Alumni Mall will provide each school or authorized vendor the opportunity to post and sell items – in a section that is built specifically for them. We make it easy for all HBCU’s to offer their special logo products, year books and media online to their alumni without the hassles of building and maintaining a secure E-commerce shopping cart or worrying about order fulfillment.

Our biggest goal however, is to implement a self creating, self sustaining strategy to get more 8 year olds on the path to college.

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Forever Fund

The Forever Scholarship Fund offered on the website will be targeted toward second graders, 8 year old children. Every year we plan to give hundreds of kids $500-$700 scholarship funds to attend an HBCU of their choice upon high school graduation. The goal is quantity.

Financial Sense

Starting the college fund when the child has reached a maximum of eight years of age will allow for ten years of compounded interest accumulation and therefore a sizable nest egg for college when he or she graduates from high school at eighteen.

Social Sense

By having this long term scholarship fund, these children will have more personal confidence and academic direction throughout their school years knowing that college is covered. Parents, quardians and the child will be encouraged to add money to the college fund. The family will receive bi-monthly statements from the financial institution and quarterly newsletters from ForeverHBCU.com. This newsletter will make them aware of various issues and will further encourage the child and the family to participate in local events shown in the newsletter.


Upon accepting the ForeverFund, the family must agree to send the child to at least 2 HBCU College tours before he or she enters the eleventh grade. By their senior year, Forever Fund scholrship children would have had ten years of consistent contact with people and literature, they would have visited several schools and should have made mentorships and/or friendships at the HBCU they will be attending. It is critical that more African Americans attain a college degree. Often, disadvantaged children acknowledge the disparities they inherit early in life. Children need exceptional parents to help them overcome or balance the pervasive inequities of our society as they relate to “race.” The Forever Fund will intervene in this process by offering a constant reminder to the child-“You are going to college.” ForeverHBCU.com will serve as the gateway and the way maker for it all! With free advertising, the various profit centers and career areas on the web site will provide awareness and financial strength for the schools and the visitors. These same profit centers will provide for the Fund and the human resources needed for daily maintainance.