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Saint Augustineís College
Dianne Boardley Suber
In recent years, the College's annual enrollment has approximated 1,600 students, about half from North Carolina, the remainder from 37 states, the District of Columbia, the U.S. Virgin Islands, Jamaica and 30 foreign countries. Its faculty consists of nearly 100 dedicated men and women, all skilled teachers and scholars. The College has a main campus accommodating 37 facilities, three of which - its Chapel, St. Agnes Hall and Taylor Hall - are registered historic landmarks. Also, St. Augustine's was the first historically black college in the nation to have its own on-campus commercial radio and television stations: WAUG-AM750 and WAUG-TV68, Cable Channel 20.
Saint Pauls College
Dr Robert L. Satcher
The College uses innovative approaches in the teaching-learning setting that expand the educational horizons for its students. In a cooperative quest to meet the demands for increased technological skill, faculty and students are encouraged to experiment, explore, and develop new approaches to learning leading to knowledge, mastery of technical and critical thinking skills, development of individual expression, and the discovery of truth
Savannah State University
Dr Carlton E. Brown
Our students reside in state-of-the-art student housing, work in well-equipped laboratories and classrooms with the latest in technology. While Savannah State University is a well-wired campus, it recently became the second campus in the University System of Georgia that is also connected wirelessly. One can access all institutional systems (registration, library, email, financial aid, and information) as well as the Internet wirelessly from any location on campus
Shaw University
Dr Clarence G. Newsome.
Shaw University, founded in 1865, is the first historically black college of the South. Shaw is a private, co-educational, liberal arts university affiliated with the Baptist Church. The University awards degrees at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.
Shorter College
Mr Harold E.Newman
Located on a 150-acre wooded hilltop in Rome, Georgia, Shorter College is a private, liberal arts school with a legacy of academic excellence and a dynamic Christian heritage. The college has a history of training students to be leaders in their professions, their churches and their communities. Today, we are also guiding students to become global citizens through a curriculum and campus environment that encourages them to develop an appreciation for and understanding of other cultures.
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Simmons Bible College
Mr Kevin W.Cosby
Thank you for your interest in our programs and services! You have begun to explore the long hidden treasure that is Simmons College of Kentucky. Since its formation in 1879 by the State Convention of Colored Baptist Churches in Kentucky, Simmons has consistently provided her students with the opportunity to obtain a sound Christian-based liberal arts education at a very low price. We are the oldest Black institution of higher learning in the State. Located just west of downtown Louisville, Kentucky, in the heart of the most underserved area of the city, Simmons strives to meet the educational needs of the total community. In addition to the four Bachelor\'s degree programs offered, Simmons offers two non-degree programs for those that don\'t meet the \"typical\" college student profile.
Sojourner-Douglass College
Mr Charles W. Simmons, Ph.D
You, unlike millions of other people, have moved beyond merely dreaming about enriching your personal and professional life by attending college and earning a bachelorís degree. We are very pleased that Sojourner-Douglass is among the colleges that you are considering. We welcome mature adults who are ready to make the commitment to determining their own destinies.
South Carolina State University
Dr Andrew Hugine,Jr.(Last Day 1/4/08)
SOUTH CAROLINA STATE UNIVERSITY, founded in 1896 as a historically Black co-educational institution, embraces diversity among its students, faculty, staff and programs. While maintaining its traditional focus, the University is fully committed to providing life-long learning opportunities for the citizens of the state and qualified students of varied talents and backgrounds in a caring and nurturing learning environment.
Southern University at Baton Rouge
Dr Edward R. Jackson
Southern University adheres to the spirit of its function as a 1890 land-grant institution. Comprising three campuses that make up the nation's only historically black university system, we offer a world of opportunity for more than 10,000 students (17,000 students in the entire system). Our growth appeals to and touches the live of people in an ever-widening circle of communities from around the globe. The University offers programs of study ranging from associate degree to doctoral and professional degrees.
Southern University at New Orleans
Mr Victor Ukpolo
It is my honor and pleasure to serve as the Chancellor of Southern University at New Orleans. Throughout the history of our university, we have nurtured our students and provided tremendous opportunities beyond the classroom. In the aftermath of hurricanes Katrina and Rita, our students more than ever, will need the assistance of our university community and the community at large. We cannot afford to disappoint them. Our arms and doors are open to welcome them to continue their education, to share their stories, and to regain some sense of normalcy.
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Southern University at Shreveport
Mr L. Belton,Ph.D.
In 1967, Southern University at Shreveport made its humble beginnings here, on what is now called the Martin Luther King, Jr. Campus. From the beginning, the priority has been to aid people from diverse backgrounds to improve the quality of their lives and become contributing participants in this community\'s cultural and economic development. As the needs of the Shreveport/Bossier City metropolitan area have changed over the years, so has the Southern University at Shreveport campus and its role as an active participant in raising the level of excellence for the community. Southern University has two additional locations to serve the educational needs of the community: the Downtown Metro Center providing state-of-the-art allied health programs, and the Aerospace Technology Center that houses the FAA-approved Aerospace Technology and Maintenance programs. We also offer nationally recognized programs in Nursing, Radiologic Technology and Dental Hygiene. Couple the multitude of academic, social and personal services offered by the University with the beautiful scenery unique to the Martin Luther King Campus, and you have an educational environment that is beyond comparison. Southern University at Shreveport has it all!
Southwestern Christian College
Mr Jack Evans,President
Southwestern Christian College is committed to excellence in education -- Christian education. Its primary role in the field of higher education is to offer a quality academic program in the context of commitment to moral and spiritual values. To this end, its curriculum is geared to the development of the \"whole man\" of each of its students. And it is the feeling of the board of trustees, administration, and faculty of Southwestern that such a curriculum will give the student the necessary foundation on which to build for further study in senior colleges and universities, and for making a lasting contribution to the society in which he lives.
Spelman College
Dr. Beverely Daniel Tatum, Ph.D
I am proud to be the president of an institution with a long-standing commitment to academic excellence, leadership and positive social change. As the countryís oldest historically Black college for women, Spelman College has a national reputation for promoting academic excellence and a rich history of producing Black women leaders. The College is ranked on the U.S. News and World Report\\\\\\\'s list of Top 75 Liberal Arts Colleges, 2005 edition.
Stillman College
Mr MacNealey Ph.D
We must see ourselves as the leading edge of an infinite continuum, obligated to honor the substance and symbols of what has gone before us, while carrying forward that essence as a foundation upon which we seek to shape and build the future. We must constantly seek to be and do better than we are today. It is noble for individuals to aspire to achieve at the fullness of their potential, while embracing collective expectations without limits. The aim must be performance at the highest level, using the yardstick that governs the larger domain. We must keep our eyes on the road ahead and our imagination, intuition, and planning on the horizon. Education, if it is to be true to itself, in all of its historical and existential necessities, must ultimately be about the future. If we think of vision as the pining of a collective heart, many heads may coalesce on the how to create the commitment, energy, and action required to take us to who and where we wish to be.
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