School President Message
LaGuardia Community College
Dr Gail O. Mellow
LaGuardia Community College is the best place to think globally and act locally. Whether it is in creating a piece of software or writing a play, understanding how to do calculus or understanding how to do physical therapy, students at LaGuardia Community College bring a world’s perspective to their studies. LaGuardia Community College is the doorway through which students pass to many more achievements. Whether students use their research experience in National Science Foundation labs to become scientists, their co-op internship in accounting to secure a great job while they complete their CPA, their musical experience to compose great jazz, or their work with a local high tech industry to become an entrepreneur, LaGuardia graduates are well prepared to face the challenges of our complex world.
Lane College
Mr Cornelious McClure
I am pleased to welcome you to the hallowed grounds of LaneCollege — an institution founded in 1882 with little more than hope and hard work by Bishop Isaac Lane. This is an institution with a long tradition of respect for the power of education to transform lives, a related commitment to the power of each student’s potential, and a successful record of preparing some of America’s and the world’s greatest leaders. So, whether you are a new or returning student, I congratulate you on the commitment you have made to your future by choosing to be a member of the Lane College Family.
Langston University
Dr JoAnn Haysbert
Since 1897, Langston University\'s primary mission has been to provide excellent postsecondary education to individuals seeking knowledge, skills, and attitudes that will enhance the human condition and promote a world that is peaceful, intellectual, technologically advanced, and one that fulfills the needs of nations and individuals alike. Langston University strives to educate individuals to become tomorrow\'s leaders in their local, national, and global communities.
Lewis College of Business
Mr Frank L Gillespie,IV
LEARN You will enjoy the educational experience of challenge without intimidation. The faculty of the college will support you as you stretch your mental capacity and open the unexplored horizons of your learning capabilities. CONQUER You will experience a supportive learning atmosphere, committed to the success of students, with all members of the learning team, faculty and students, focused upon a common goal—success, BECOME You will be equipped to pursue further academic studies, to enter the world of work, or to become an entrepreneur upon graduation from the College. We invite you to visit our urban campus and experience our warm students and faculty, the nurturing environment, and educational opportunities that can change your life. The advantages of a Lewis College of Business education are endless. If my office can be of assistance, my door is open.
Lincoln University of Missouri
Dr. Carolyn R. Mahoney
As an open enrollment university, Lincoln enthusiastically accepts all students wishing to pursue a higher education. The university provides student-centered learning in a nurturing environment, integrating teaching, research and service. We offer relevant, high quality undergraduate and select graduate programs that prepare students for careers and lifelong learning.
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Lincoln University of Pennsylvania
Dr Ivory V. Nelson
The University is proud of its faculty for the high quality of their teaching, research, and service, and of its alumni, among the most notable of whom are: Langston Hughes, ‘29, world-acclaimed poet; Thurgood Marshall, ‘30, first African-American Justice of the US Supreme Court; Hildrus A. Poindexter, ‘24, internationally known authority on tropical diseases...
Livingstone College
Dr Jimmy R. Jenkins
I would like to express my gratitude and sincere appreciation to the Search Committee, and the Board of Trustees for selecting me. I especially appreciate the role of the Board, because it is composed of student body representation and alumni as well as faculty. We all know that these are critical entities that must work together cohesively if we are to achieve the mission of this great and historic institution. Livingstone College has a long and illustrious history of educating young African-Americans and preparing them to serve vital roles in their communities and our society as a whole. Today, Livingstone reaches out to all segments of our society who share its mission and seek a quality education.
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