School President Message
Hampton University
Dr William R. Harvey
1. Listed among the top (No. 29) southern universities in the regional universities category by U.S. News and World Report magazine's 2004 rankings. 2. Hampton University's Center for Marine and Environmental Studies is home to the first marine science program at a predominantly black university. 3. The National Science Foundation has provided $10 million to establish the University's Nuclear/High Energy Physics (NuHEP) Center of Excellence. 4. The Department of Engineering in association with AT&T Bell Laboratories offers scholarships to outstanding freshmen in chemical and electrical engineering.
Harris-Stowe State College
Mr Henry Givens, Jr.
Harris-Stowe State University is one of the most dynamic campuses in the St. Louis area. In 1999, the university opened The Southwestern Bell Library and Technology Center directly across from the Dr. Henry Givens, Jr. Administration Building. The Southwestern Bell Library showcases state-of-the-art technology and is a favorite of students and faculty for its research and training facilities. As part of the MOBIUS Cluster of libraries, students have access to comprehensive research materials. It is 21st-century technology for 21st-century learning.
Hinds Community College
Mr Clyde Muse
One measure of success for excellent educational institutions is the ability to overcome obstacles, and I can truly say that we have proven this year that Hinds Community College is an exceptional place to work and go to school. With cuts in state funding over the past several years, we have endured and have also built new roads into the future despite our monetary losses. It is impossible to single out any one accomplishment during the past year because we have had many. An area of achievement that immediately comes to mind, though, is our effort to look for new ways we can partner with private businesses, civic organizations, and other entities to provide more and better educational opportunities. Because of our alliance with local hospitals, we now have waiting lists for most of the programs at our Nursing/Allied Health Center, something that was only a dream a few years ago. Also, a joint venture with CN Railway Company has created new scholarship opportunities for students entering several of our career programs, while a donation from the Hogg Family Charitable Corporation has helped develop business entrepreneurship and management studies at Hinds. Scholarship monies were increased even more by the $54,000 raised at the annual Golf Fund Fun Fest, in which the HCC Development Foundation partnered with businesses and individuals to boost unrestricted funds used for providing financial assistance. The annual Ultimate Game Dinner, sponsored by the HCC Alumni Association, also brought in $27,000 earmarked for student scholarships
Howard University
Mr Patrick Swygert
Howard is a comprehensive University, unique and irreplaceable. The University is committed to providing the best possible education for those who are challenged to serve as leaders of the 21st Century's global community. Likewise, you must be committed to achieving excellence in your endeavors, using your time wisely, and taking advantage of all available learning opportunities in the University community. Your success at Howard will require integrity, focus, determination, perseverance and hard work. Howard is an exceptional institution with innumerable resources and people to nurture and assist you in your quest for greater knowledge and a meaningful role in society.
Howard School of law
Mr Kurt L. Schmoke,Dean
Our reputation for excellence in legal education is not only a historical legacy but also a living legacy. Howard, the most renowned historically black law school in the world, produced in the past century the nation's premier engineers of social justice. This 135-year tradition of leadership and service continues as we build a new legacy. Our vision for the School of Law is to forge a defined role in setting the American educational and social agenda, particularly as it affects African Americans in the 21st century. You will receive the kind of legal education that molds not just good lawyers, but great lawyers. The Law School's distinguished alumni roster is telling evidence of the great and committed lawyers who emerge from Howard University School of Law.
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Huston-Tillotson University
Mr Larry Earvin,Ph.D.
These are exciting times at Huston-Tillotson University, and we invite you to learn more about us as our new tag line learn more suggests. We just made the transition, during our 130-year anniversary, from a College to a University, and for the first time in the institution\'s history, worked with a national advertising agency to identify our brand. You will notice that a few items are new such as this Web site and the Ram mascot. You will also notice that a few things are the same but a little different such as the seal, which now incorporates the 1875 and 1876 founding dates, along with the new name. We have a new logo, a new name, and a new spirit, and we invite you to Learn More!
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