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Alabama State University A&M
Dr Virginia Caples,Ph.D
Alabama Agricultural and Mechanical University reflects the uniquenesss of the traditional land-grant institution which combines professional, vocational and liberal arts pursuits. The University provides baccalaureate and graduate studies that are compatible with the times to all qualified, capable individuals who are interested in further developing their technical, professional, and scholastic skills and competencies.
Alabama State University
Mr Joe A.Lee
Joe A. Lee was appointed 11th President of Alabama State University in August of 2001 after serving as President of Tougaloo College for six years. Lee had previously served in numerous capacities at his alma mater, Talladega College, including Director of Development, Dean of Students, Vice President for Student Affairs, Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost. Lee received the B.A. degree in Biology from Talladega College. He received a Certification in Educational Management (IEM) from Harvard University, and the Master and Ph.D. degrees in Educational Administration from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio.
Albany State University
Dr. Everette J. Freeman
Among historically black colleges and universities, ASU has one of the most impressive library collections and facilities. That is no accident. It is the result of a lot of people over the years, beginning with the University’s founding father, Dr. Joseph W. Holley, placing the highest premium on making books available to those whose race or circumstances made book-learning a dream denied or deferred.
Alcorn State University
Dr Malvin A. Wiliams, Sr.
Interim President
Allen University
Dr Charles E. Young
I believe that students should come to Allen University because of our long history of producing students who are motivated to become leaders in their given fields. I attribute this to a curriculum which has been carefully customized to train the whole person.
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Arkansas Baptist College
Dr Fitz Hill
Arkansas Baptist College has a tradition of serving students who want a personal approach to a liberal arts education, and we feel that Dr. Fitz Hill is uniquely qualified to help us build on that tradition and lead us into a future with increased enrollment, improved programs and stronger support from institutional and private sources," said Wendell Griffen, chairman of the Arkansas Baptist College Board of Trustees. "We are pleased to announce his selection, and look forward to working with him towards growth that transforms the college and inspires the lives of countless people for many years."
Atlanta Metropolitan College
Dr Harold Wade
We are confident that the more you know about us, the better we will look to you. More and more of your friends and neighbors have begun to recognize just how much sense it makes to begin a higher education career at a local two-year institution--especially if the nearby two-year college is a member of the University System of Georgia. In addition to being a very accessible, constituent-friendly college, Atlanta Metro is extremely affordable. Perhaps most significant, however, is the fact that the convenience and affordability of AMC does not come at the expense of either quality or the transferability of course credits earned in a degree program. We are convinced that sooner or later, preferably sooner, you too will join the growing list of college-bound Atlantans who agree that Atlanta Metropolitan College is indeed
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